Exchange_monitor probe in a clustered setup

Discussion created by 1_mk on Apr 15, 2011
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Hi All,


I am having a problem getting the exchange_monitor probe working in a clustered setup.  I read a post that detailed the exact steps on how to get it setup, followed it, and I'm still having issues.  When I go to launch the exchange monitor probe, I get the message "The probe you are contacting is running inside a cluster. There are currently no virtual exchange servers running on this node."  Then I click OK and it brings me to the gui of the probe.  From what I have read, I am supossed to see something that references "EVS" in the title bar of the probe and I don't.  Under the Status tab, when I right click in there and choose Profile Properties, I get an error that says "Run-Time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set" and the probe gui closes.  Am I missing something?  Is there something I can look for in the log files?  The cluster probe looks to be configured properly on each server within the cluster.


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreicated!