SDP Issues with Dashboards

Discussion created by benwithem on Apr 2, 2011
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For an undetermined amount of time, SDP in our development environment has been expressing some unusual behavior. When a user accesses SDP they can log in, see dynamic views and reports and some dashboards. The strange thing is that all but two dashboards can not be viewed. What happens is this, when a user clicks the dashboard they want to view, I get the time clock animations and then the entire windows where the dashboard is suuposed to be goes blank, I never actually see the dashboard at all. I have captured logs from wasp and dashboard_engine at the highest log levels and there are some errors. I could use some help discerning where to start on  this one. Everything else in Nimsoft seems to be functioning properly, We are passign messages and the database appears to be working. Additionally, there are only two dashboards that work, there is no connection between to two dashboards and the chance of access seems random.


The log data is when I try to access a dashboard from SDP with full administrator ACL on server: xxxxx-***-ns81

If needed, I can provide more information:



SDP Version: 2.64.000 Build: 20100603

Wasp Version: 2.70.002

Dashboard Engine Version: 2.65

Dap Version: 2.51

SDP server: xxxxx-***-sp80


NOTE: We are not running SDP in a DMZ