Monitor services on citrix VM`s - without a robot on each VM.

Discussion created by AndreasN on Apr 1, 2011
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I need some advice on my current task:


We are running Citrix Xenserver, with about 30 hosts (and counting). Each host runs 8 VM`s. We got two datacenters, that are identically. When this project ends, we are going to have 400+ VM`s on each datacenter (=800+ VM`s in total), supporting 20 users on each VM .


We started out wanting to just monitor the hosts with the xenserver-probe, but as it turns out, we need to monitor some services at each VM (i.e. Print spooler, Res Powerfuse, ingres-service, PVS Device Service etc.). We realize that we have a few options:


- Try to get Citrix EdgeSight to send SNMPTraps. Unfortunately it doesnt seem possible to monitor services from Edgesight


- Use the RSP-probe (unsure how easy that would be to manage with 800 VM`s). Could there be any performance-issues? What happens when a VM get a new IP-address, will RSP discover the new address if we put in the host-name?


- Running commands/executables from i.e. Windows Resource Kit, like dumpel.exe and srvinfo, and then using logmon to parse trough the output.


- Try to make some custom scripts and using logmon


As you can understand, i don`t want 800 robots in my environment, with ntservices-, cdm- probes (and possibly others) for obvious reasons.


Does anyone have any good suggestions?  Any other ways to do this?