Dashboard_server status tab

Discussion created by swright on Mar 18, 2011

We still use EC for creating dashboards, but plan to migrate to UMP soon.  One of the issues we've been having is keeping accurate alarm status within a dashboard link object.  A dashboard link will show green, when it should be posing a higher level alarm.  I've designated a slave dashboard server to offload some of the load, but still have status and performance issues ( slow response ).  We plan to keep most of the legacy EC dashboards once we move to UMP, so I still need to get this resolved.  I was hoping someone could explain were the dashboard_server gets it's status and what it means.   For example, when I look at the status for one dashboard, it will show many users with more than one status for the same dashboard ( even if these people have not logged into they system for a long time. ).  Could this be causing an issue?  Where is this information pulled from?