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Management tools settings

Question asked by mika.tuominen on Mar 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2011 by mika.tuominen

We are trying deploy the management tools, Infrastructure Manager, SLA Manager and Enterprise Console, from Citrix server.


Tried to find default settings for those programs, when they launch that to which hub and components (nas, etc) they connect to. But we couldn't find those.

Is there anyway to configure default fixed settings for those?


On our environment, we have two hubs to which it can connect to, and we still have our old NMS installation server running because of the old reports we might still need. Now when someone opens some of the tools, it automatically searches network for the hub, nas and so on. And it automatically selects the wrong ones.


What we would need is a way to define this with fixed configuration for all the users.

We tried to search the registry and for a configuration file, but with no luck.