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Probe Utility command line usage

Question asked by mika.tuominen on Feb 5, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2011 by mika.tuominen

I'm trying to use the pu.exe utility to register a probe, but can't figure out the exact syntax for the command.

So far have managed to get it to work by interactive configuration: pu.exe -u username -p password -i controller probe_register

But I'd like get it to work straight from the command line by entering all the needed arguments for the probe registration.


Tried it like this: pu.exe -u username -p password /path/controller probe_register probename,active,type,...

On that I pass all the parameters it asks when registering it on interactive mode, and on that command line I tried to pass the parameters on the same sequence as they were asked on interactive registering. But with no luck.


How all the parameters should be passed to it on the command line itself, and not by entering those one by one when asked.