Troubleshooting Custom VBS Based Probe

Discussion created by bvloch on Jan 29, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2011 by keith_k

I am looking for suggestions for additional troubleshooting steps to perform with regards to an error I am recieving from the controller:


Timed probe *** returned error code 1/0


I understand from another post the the 1 is the return code from the script and that the zero may represent the signal number.  Excert from this post:


I think that's the signal number if it died because of a kill or other signal (div-by-zero, reading a null pointer etc). 15 is SIG_TERM, which would be expected if the program was sent a kill, while 0 which you see in most cases indicates that it ended without getting a signal, even if there was a return code due to an error


Were I am struggling is that I have 3  different custom vbs scripts that are getting this error from one server. I did not write these scripts and I am not that familier with VBS. That being said, however these scripts run without issue on other servers with the same configuration, I am also able to run these scripts by hand - without issue on the server that is having the issue. These scripts run without issue on many servers in my enviorment - without issue - so I am trying to isolate weather the issue is with Nimbus or the OS. I am leaning towards my Nimbus installation as I stated before, these scripts run without issue from the command line. I see this from the output and the Nimbus logs.  Additional troubleshooting steps I have performed include:


1) Restarting / reinstalling the probe and the Nimbus robot/controller

2) turned up logging on the probe itself and the controller - I do not see any tell tale signs of what the issue could be from the log file in either case.


Any suggesstion you may have as far as additional troubleshooting steps to perform would be apprecaited. Thank you in advance.