Modify severity using SNMPTD and pdu

Discussion created by hazard1yard on Jan 28, 2011

Hello, I have been working with the snmptd probe to alarm on NetApp traps and I have been tailoring those traps for specific messages, content and severities. All okay and working well except for  a couple of things and I was wondering if anyone may have any suggestions please.


It relates to volumeOffline trap (specific 324) for some reason I am not receiving from the Netapp a trap that uses specific 324, so I am using the volumeStateChange oid (specific 275). This one however can have variable 1 as offline or restricted. I want offline to be a critical severity and the restricted to be a warning severity.


So I set up a pdu rule that would look for the word 'offline' in $1 and make it critical severity if there. I have 'Process All Rules' checked and I have 'Send Default Message if no match' and the default message is set to warning severity.


When the alarm comes in with critical in it I still get the severity from the default message of warning. I have tried the following two values in the pdu rule to get it to work without luck,




any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you