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Message forwarding and CDM Probe

Question asked by stevepurdie on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2011 by stevepurdie

Morning Guys,


I wanted to ask some advice about some anomolies we see in our environment, in case anyone else has experienced this.


So, we have a NimSoft environment with roughly 100 servers on our HUB. This HUB has a forwarder probe that runs. It is some simple perl which attaches to an alarm queue on the bus and forwards all those messages to another system (our OPS are currently using another alarm dashboard to determine system results, which is why we forward the messages).


We don't do anything fancy right now in our Nimsoft env but I have recently deployed the new CDM 4.43 probe and have now noticed a HUGE increase in message activity coming into the bus.


From reviewing the Dr.NimBUS output, it appears as though "Disk clear *" messages are being pushed out as alarms into the bus, for reasons I fully understand. however if you have say, 70 servers each with roughly 15-20 filesystems, you're looking at a lot of messages. every 15 mins (default schedule for cdm) I now receive a mammoth amount of messages onto the bus for my forwarder to handle, which is now having trouble keeping up.


Fortunately this whole scenario is currently in test, so no big deal, but here's my question:


how is it that I cannot only send one clear message once an error has been registered ? and is there a better approach to how I can avoid sending so many repeated "clear" messages ?


sorry for the big 'blog' just wanted to provide as much info to all of you so you can perhaps offer advice.


have a great day everyone !!