After upgrade to NMS 5.0 - a lot of permission denied messages in most all controllers

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2011 by a.pietersen


After upgrading to NMS 5.0 (and UMP 2.0) all our robots, local and remote, come up with this kind of messages in the controller logfile: 


  • Jan  1 21:32:22:666 [1564] Controller: (secCallVerifyLogin) request verify_login failed (permission denied) 
  • Jan  1 21:32:22:666 [1564] Controller: verify login - cmd=probe_list frm= failed 
This is the last message in the logfile today on date: Jan 4
  1. controller and cmd show both green
  2. does this mean it is still not running?
  3. When it is not running why can I still connect over a tunnel to that local/remote system?
  4. If it is running why does it not say that explicit after an failure?
If someone has an answer please let me know...I get a littlebit nervous about all these messages.