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Blackouts with the NAS

Question asked by benwithem on Jan 5, 2011
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I am currently achieving blackouts by setting up a pre-processing rule in the auto operator of the NAS with the exclude filter and all of the severity levels checked, this is where I add the hostname of the box to be blacked out. As far as scheduling the blackout, I use the scheduler with the activate profile operation to activate the preprocessing rule. To set the timing I use the recurring event mode and usually select weekly for the pattern and so on... Anyways, my problem is that if the NAS restarts when any server has an activated blackout via the pre-processing rule/scheduler, the pre-processing rule is no longer active. After extensive testing, it appears to be an issue with the scheduler and the mode "recurring event" if I use the "by time" mode instead, the pre-processing rule is unaffected and my blackout sticks through the NAS restart. My biggest concern is that all of my 100+ blackouts are scheduled using the "recurring event" mode and it is not feasible to use the "by time" mode. Does this behavior from the NAS restarting sound normal or could there be a bug here? I would appreciate any suggestions. I did notice that the pre-processing rules themselves have  a "operating period" but this is limited by the hour and that is not robust enough.