UMP - Alarm Console (Transaction History & User Tags)

Discussion created by topside844 on Dec 30, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by Jarrod

I'm seeing two issues with the Alarm Console that I want to see if everyone has the same problems or if this is just a bug in my implementation / browser.


1: When viewing alarms in the UMP Alarm Console, I'm offered the ability to see the 'Transaction History'. But when I click to view, it just brings up the Transaction History window (with the correct alarm ID at the top) with no items listed at all. Just a blank window with the 'Severity / Host / Message / Time / Subsystem' headers.


2: When viewing alarms in the UMP Alarm Console, the user tag fields appear to ONLY populate when the very first alarm in the transaction history has said user tag. If post-processing script adds a user tag, these don't seem to be displayed in the UMP Alarm Console. It of course does show up in Infrastructure Manager & Alarm Sub-Console.


Anyone else seeing this behavior?