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SDP Dynamic Views Performance Summary missing

Question asked by ganderson on Dec 23, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2010 by ganderson

I have a ticket open with support (now over a month)


The Dynamic View displays information for the system details, but no information for Performance summary.

The Dynamic Reports look fine.


This is only happening for a few of our nodes. The ones that don't work show a FQDN next to the Performance Summary line, while the ones that do work only show a short name.


I have tried resetting the group_server, deleting the grp_qos_data, grp_server, grp_connectivity and grp_interface tables, no help.


Where is it getting the name and how can I reset it.


When we install the robots we force the controller to short name and qos by robot name.


Any Ideas?


Thanks and have a great holiday.:smileyhappy: