Cluster resource group "Available Storage"

Discussion created by jlopez on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by MattGruber

Does anyone know of a way to disable a resource group from being monitored using the cluster probe?

The option to "Allow 'Partially Online'" does not work for fully Offline resource groups.


In MS 2008 it not uncommon to have the built-in core resource group "Available Storage" offline.


My windows team has asked us to ignore that res group and after much research it seems other cluster monitoring applications, OpsMgr as well as MS' MOM, disables this resource check as well some by default for 2008 (possible feature request).  So I'm assuming it is ok to ignore these if MS is as well. :smileyhappy:


My workaround is NAS pre-proc filter for probe cluster, mess "Resource group 'Available Storage' is Offline".  Anyone else  come across this?