Question Regarding Hub Licenses

Discussion created by bvloch on Dec 1, 2010

I am wondering if there currently exists a mechnisim to ensure that I have applied my new hub license to all my hubs. Is there way in which I can confirm the experation date of all my applied hub licenses? I realize that I do get a warning message letting me know that the license will expire in 30 days, however some checking of my enviroment, I should have recieved more of these alerts than I did. What triggers the checking of this warning?


It also appears that other than a (NO LICENSE) message in infrastucture manager - I do not get an alert saying that a hub either has an expired license or an incorrect one. I am perhaps missing something here? I get a warning message by default informing me if a HUB license is about to expire but not when a license is missing?


Any insights on the questions raised here would be appreciated.


Thank you