UMP Auto discovery scopes quick configure?

Discussion created by Joel_YJT on Nov 18, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by dan_gill

Is there a text file somewhere that I can edit to add scopes to the auto-discovery agents (found in the Remote Admin section of the UMP)?  I've already put about 30 Class C subnets into a scope, and I'm having issues getting that to work; as a test, I'd like to remove all but one and see if I can get it respond.  But I don't want to remove all the scopes and then have to add them back in manually.  I attempted to remove them from the discovery_agent.cfg file, but it seems like the UMP puts them back in place when you restart the discovery_agent probe.  So is there somehwere else to adjust that information?


This would also help since I have about 100 (maybe more) scopes to add in.  Added them all in the UMP is pretty time consuming, if there was a flat file somewhere that I could edit, it might make the process quicker.