logmon and file reset/rename

Discussion created by BrunoM on Nov 2, 2010
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We are monitoring some application log files with logmon and as those files are growing, I would like to rename them and restart with an empty file (note the log file name is fixed and does not contain date/time). For the main application we have  a single log file and multiple processes that can update it.


I've just performed this test with a watcher that gets all lines from a file called test.log and send alarms (no filter, update mode):


- write alarm1 into test.log

- write alarm2

--> logmon check1: received alarm1 and alarm2

- write alarm3

- write alarm4

==> rename test.log to test.old

- write alarm5 into the newly created test.log file

--> logmon check2 (1min after check1): alarm5 received but alarm 3 and 4 lost which is logical but not acceptable.


I was thinking of a synchronisation procedure with AO profile and scripts but I would really appreciate ideas to prevent from this alarm loss in a simple manner.

Thanks for your help.