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Strange Error from LUA Script

Question asked by benwithem on Nov 6, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by carstein.seeberg

Ok Guys,


Some of you have helped me recently in writng a LUA script to pull CDM thesholds/parameters from all hosts that we are monitoring. Well It works n our development environment with some strange results. So let me break down my results between development and production, keep in mind that both run the same CDM  and NAS probe versions:



  • The first time I open the NAS probe and run the script, the script fails with an error : "attempt to index global 'cfg' (a nil value)"
  • After receiving this error, I tried to re-run the script and it executes flawlessly.


  • The script fails with the same error
  • Re-running the script will give the same error, with no success....

Attached is the script and the screenshot of the error. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing the error or the inconsitancy between the NMS installs?