Is the SLM Export to Excel tool still available?

Discussion created by sonya.patel on Oct 7, 2010
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I was reading on the Documentation tab of the Nimsoft Community, that there was/is a tool to export directly from Nimsoft SLM Export to Excel without saving file type as tabbed, comma separated, etc like how it can be done in SLM now.


Thank you in advance.



This is version number: 1.1 last updated August 11, 2004.

The Nimsoft SLM Export to Excel application can export Quality of Service data and SLA data for a selected period from the SLM database into Excel.

When exporting SLM data into Excel, the report will by default be presented as a summary, but by selecting the Export QoS Date Series option, the complete data series will also be presented in the report on separate worksheets.


  • The Nimsoft SLM Export to Excel application must be run a computer where the Nimsoft Service Level Manager is installed.
  • Excel must be installed on the computer.