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Multi level logmon alerts (Clear , Warn Critical)

Question asked by timothy.m.curry on Oct 16, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by bvloch1


Basically x is less than 10 clear

if x is between 10 and 20 warn

if x is greater than 20 critical


The way I approached it was to set everything up with a variable: Note using the NMS way to describe now

Var  source >10

Var source  < 10

Var source <= 20


Result for 25 first check

Critical sends email/alarm


Second check 26

Sends warning for 26

Sends Alarm for 26


Problem is now we have sent two pages for the same alarm; our paging system sends for majors and critical only all others are emails, but because the second check cleared the critical with the warning and then upgraded the warning to a critical  see the problem.


I was wondering how the between issue is solved?