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nas - after alarmreception wait for 12h till next one

Question asked by MattGruber on Oct 13, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2010 by keith_k



Just starring in my nas, and I didnt see it how to get it running.


The Job is the following: I parse a logfile, if some special line appears, a alarm should be send (not the trouble), but after sending this one, despite how many alarms occur (the same line appears), no one should appear + send mails/sms-Stuff till 12h are over.

overdue 12h wouldnt it be, because the first alarm would occur 12h later, but on first occurance th alarm should be send (mail/sms) and after that silence till 12h are over.


I am thinking of something with trigger and some automatic ack if 12h are over...but not sure...


Has anybody build something like that before ?





P.S. Perhaps it is so simple that I can see it ;-)