SQL Response Question

Discussion created by DaveRick on Sep 21, 2010
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I'm attempting to do an integration into our EMF (Error Messaging Framework) tables which hold all of our Oracle Applications and SOA script failures and issues.  What I would like to do is use the SQL response probe and do a query over this table looking for problems of a certain criteria over the past hour.  This part is simple and working fine. 


Here is the part that I am having an issue with, the error display.  I'd like to take the 7 or so columns that come back in use them in the error message.  Some are Numeric fields while others are DATETIME and Character fields.  The Numeric and DATETIME seem to be fine but I can't figure out a way to include the Character fields as values back to the error message.  Is this possible or do I need to head down another path to make this work?