Getting SNMPTD to respect SNMP Textual Conventions?

Discussion created by topside844 on Sep 14, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2010 by florian.prillwitz

I'm using snmptd to receive SNMP traps from hundereds of Cisco ONS 15454 devices on a nationwide fiber backbone.


What I'm trying to do is display performance monitoring events from the optical devices to the operator. These events come in as SNMP traps with all necessary details contained within the SNMP variables.


However, the primary variable I need to look at, which contains the "error code", comes in as an integer. Within the SNMP MIB for this device, there are textual conventions to translate this integer into human readable form, however I've found no way to get this data into snmptd without doing more work than it's worth.


Currently, I'm having to catch the PDU variable, and create a bunch of custom conditions based on the integer value of the error code. Unfortunately, there are literally thousands of possible error codes, and to do each one by hand is not at all practical.


Now, when I look at snmpget, it does look like it does have a 'Value' and an 'Actual' field, which seems to be doing the TC lookups and displaying them in the 'Value' field. 


Is there any way to pull SNMP Textual Convention converted PDU values within snmptd as opposed to just the actual values?


If not, what other solutions can I pursue to have these int values converted to text via the MIB's TC and then display to the alarm console?


Thanks for any help you guys can offer,

Dustin Melancon