IBM pSeries/AIX monitoring and reporting

Discussion created by jmccowin on Aug 23, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by rith

I am currently tasked with finding the proper method for monitoring and reporting on several pSeries boxes and their associatedAIX lpars. I currently have AIX robots deployed, but this does not give our pSeries engineers the needed level of reporting information. I am looking for any help in the areas below:

  1. How our others monitoring these environments (IBMVM Probe?)
  2. Can Nimsoft gather or utilize "Workload Manager" statistics
  3.  Need to get physical server CPU utilization and Memory (from HMC?)
  4. Page space size, increase and decreases by WLM, is this available on Nimsoft

Note I am not a pSeries engineer, I am looking to help our pSeries engineer get the proper alerting/reporting that Nimsoft can offer.