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Extract Thresholds of all Robots With LUA

Question asked by benwithem on Aug 27, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2010 by keith_k

I have been working on the following LUA script to extract threshold values from the CDM and print them to text file for using later. The goal is to extract thresholds from all robots, but running this script using a profile only returns the CDM thresholds from the hub with the nas probe. Does anyone have any suggestions on accomplishing this task? I am assuming what data is returned depends on how the script is ran.


I have also tried running this on an alarm trigger and tried to extract the hostname that way, but it still returns the hostname of the nas. I can however get the nimid of each individual alarm, but not the corresponding hostname.



-- Extract the CDM configuration file from the controller as a table and

-- access parts of the configuration, and print the contents sorted by section.


controller = nimbus.request("controller","get_info")

args = pds.create()

pds.putString (args,"name","cdm")


cfg,rc = nimbus.request ("controller","probe_config_get",args)


dir= "E://"

host = controller.robotname

ext= ".txt"







   pagefile_error = cfg["/memory/alarm/pagefile error"]

if pagefile_error ~= nil then

   io.write("\nPagefile Error=",pagefile_error.threshold)

   print("Pagefile Error=",pagefile_error.threshold)


   pagefile_warning = cfg["/memory/alarm/pagefile warning"]

if pagefile_warning ~= nil then

   io.write("\nPagefile Warning=",pagefile_warning.threshold)

   print("Pagefile Warning=",pagefile_warning.threshold)


   physical_error = cfg["/memory/alarm/physical error"]

if physical_error ~= nil then

   io.write("\nPhysical Error=",physical_error.threshold)

   print("Physical Error=",physical_error.threshold)


   physical_warning = cfg["/memory/alarm/physical warning"]

if physical_warning ~= nil then

   io.write("\nPhysical Warning=",physical_warning.threshold)

   print("Physical Warning=",physical_warning.threshold)


   swap_error = cfg["/memory/alarm/swap error"]

if swap_error ~= nil then

   io.write("\nSwap Error=",swap_error.threshold)

   print("Swap Error=",swap_error.threshold)


   swap_warning = cfg["/memory/alarm/swap warning"]

if swap_warning ~= nil then

   io.write("Swap Warning=",swap_warning.threshold)

   print("Swap Warning=",swap_warning.threshold)


   paging_error = cfg["/memory/alarm/paging error"]

if paging_error ~= nil then

   io.write("\nPaging Error=",paging_error.threshold)

   print("Paging Error=",paging_error.threshold)


   paging_warning = cfg["/memory/alarm/paging warning"]

if paging_warning ~= nil then

   io.write("\nPaging Warning=",paging_warning.threshold)

   print("Paging Warning=",paging_warning.threshold)