cisco_monitor Probe Configuration Settings

Discussion created by jdoherty on Aug 15, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by dustin.lawler

I am looking for some direction on the cisco_monitor probe.  The default values for a few items seem to be outdated for most of the equipment in play these days.  And what exactly does the group do if you can't apply bulk configurations anyway?


I normally deploy 5-10 switches, 2-5 routers and a firewall or two each time we initialize a new relay and I want to build configuration settings for different types of equipment, for example:


VPN Routers

Edge Routers

Voice Gateways

2960 Switches

3560 Switches

3570 Switches

4500 Switches

6500 Switches

ASA Firewalls


We are also always tweaking how we do it, so if one customer experiences an issue and we see that we can prevent it by changing a monitoring value (like Memory Used) I would love to be able to create the configuration files and dump them on groups to bulk configure.  This is the one very frustrating part of the product, probes have no commonalities and you can never manage them the same.  What can I do about accomplishing what I am looking for?


Thanks for your help!