Regular Expression for filtering nas alarms based on host name

Discussion created by mgaston on Jul 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by stian.seeberg

I am new to Nimsoft and am trying to create nas alerts based on Production vs. Test servers.  I want to filter out Test servers in my Production server alert.  Our naming convention is as follows.


role - up to 6 characters

test designation (if applicable) - 4 characters

sequence - 2 digits

location - 3 characters


so as an example:  I have two servers


pimapp01sea - Production PIM Application Server 1 in Seattle

pimapptest01sea - Test PIM Application Server 1 in Seattle


I want to filter my alerts so that my Production nas profile only alerts for production servers.  I used RegexBuddy to create this expression and it test out fine in RegexBuddy but when I try it in Nimsoft it doesn't match the string.




Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my expression?  Any help is much appreciated.