PDU Variables in SNMPTD

Discussion created by hazard1yard on Jun 30, 2010
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Just need clarification if okay, probably a stupid question....


My first assumption for PDU rules was that I could list a variable in in 'PDU Variable Rules' so that if for example, variable 1 = 4, where 4 in the mib used related to fru failed, that if this variable matched it would replace in the default message that variable with the message defined for the PDU rule.


However before I go through adding all these PDU rules for different variables I want to confim my second assumption in that the message I assign to the variable rule is all that will be seen as the trap message when it comes in if it matches and that it will not replace the variable string in the default message I have created.


All I want to do is use PDU rules to replace a variable in the default message.

Rambling a bit so will stop now and hope you understand my post :smileyhappy:

Thank you