Deleting QoS objects based on date from SLM

Discussion created by swright on Jun 17, 2010
Latest reply on May 4, 2011 by geir.haugom

We have set our QoS retention to  90 days within the data_engine.  For QoS that only requires 30 days retention, can I run a delete against the table containing the QoS?  When I check QoS target properties for a set of profiles, they all appear within the same QoS table: RN_QOS_DATA_0013.  Is it safe, recommended, insane, to run a delete statement against that table?


FROM [NimbusSLM].[dbo].[RN_QOS_DATA_0013]
  WHERE sampletime < getdate() - 31


When a QoS object is first created, will all data go into the same table? Or is it dependent on other factors such as robot?


It would be nice to set retention from the probe rather than one retention rule for data_engine.