interface status traps from different vendors and PDU variables

Discussion created by mjanulis on May 28, 2010
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on snmptd probe we insert interface name PDU variable in suppression key to distinguish between interface status traps received from same device and different interfaces.  This worked as expected while we had one vendor devices (Cisco).  Recently we started support of Juniper network devices and noticed that interface status change trap content is different from the one received by Cisco device.  Interface name on Cisco trap is PDU variable 4 while interface name on Juniper trap is PDU variable 6.  This completely broke our snmptd probe config and now we are not able to correctly identify interface status changes on Juniper devices.   Any thoughts how to resolve this issue?  You almost need some kind of conditional statement first to distinguish snmp trap message "vendor" and then compose suppression key based on mentioned test result.   Any thoughts?