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Change alarm fields "custom_1" to "custom_5" by LUA script...

Question asked by technik on May 27, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2011 by 1_keithk



I have to change some alarm fields with a LUA script in AO or preprocessing rules.


I can change most of the alarm fields by using the raw_alarm-script posted by Carsten.


E.g. for changing User Tag 1 I use pds.putString(msg,"user_tag_1","<Usertag_1>") ... and it works as expected.


For changing the "custom_1" to "custom_5" fields I tried pds.putString(msg,"custom_1","<Custom_1>"), ... custom1, .... custom_tag_1, ...custom_tag1 a.s.o. With Dr. Nimbus I saw my String in the message header but the fields in the database NAS_ALARMS resp. in the alarmconsole are unset / empty.


What's the trick?