Tips to upgrade the NSA (and other SDKs)?

Discussion created by keith_k on Apr 16, 2010
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I am a big fan of the NSA, and I have written a few probes in Lua. Some of those probes run on Windows hosts. When I attempt to upgrade the NSA on a Windows host by dragging and dropping the package, the distribution fails with a "permission denied" error. If I stop the Lua probe(s) on that host and try again, it works.


I know that Windows does not allow overwriting files that are in use. (I really like the fact that Linux and Unix do allow this; those are very easy to upgrade.) I have this same issue when I attempt to upgrade the Perl SDK on Windows hosts or the nimbus.dll file while any VBScript probes are running.


Does anyone have any good ways to handle this or tips for making it easier. I am working on a Lua probe now that will eventually run on 800+ Windows hosts, so deactivating the Lua probe(s) manually will get much more difficult then.


If there is no good way to handle this right now, I smell a feature request... :smileyhappy: