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SNMP Trap Translation

Question asked by hazard1yard on Apr 7, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2010 by ntimm

Hello, new to Nimsoft and wondered if there was anyone that could answer a question or two. I am monitoring a number of devices (SAN and Storage) using the SNMPTD probe. I have loaded all of the relevant mibs for the devices successfully.


A number if the traps that come in are fairly meaningless, and also the name associated with the device is the IP address of the device.


My questions are as follows,


1. Is there any way of taking the IP address in the trap and translating that to a meaningful name?

2. Will adding a pdu rule so that variable 1 = the IP address and setting the message text the name of the device work?


Sorry if these are basic questions but I am also fairly new to SNMP


Thank you