SQL Server probe - changing checkpoint user

Discussion created by Stuart_Brierley on Feb 25, 2010
On our development SQL servers we have created our own custom checkpoints. To do this within infrastructure manager, for every new checkpoint, or every time you edit it, you have to specify an account at time of your query creation, which the Nimsoft manager then uses at design time to connect to the SQL Server to run the query and based on the results you can then pick up the column data which can then be used to define your threshold column, message content etc. It then saves the query in a file on the server, in our case in the probes folder.

It then stamps this user account and password of the login you used at design time , encrypts it in the sqlserver_monitor.cfg file and stores a checksum. I think it is trying to protect the contents of the query file, so that a user can’t modify the file and put in some dodgy code, for example to add themselves as an admin, when Nimsoft runs it (there are better ways to implement this as I have done myself in other code). The problem we have is that if you change the username or password of the connection that the profile is using, it then throws an error for every custom checkpoint

Unauthorized query change, checkpoint deactivated.

And they no longer run.

For us this is a big issue, for a number of reasons. We want to protect the Nimsoft password. We may want to change the Nimsoft password from time to time. We don’t want to have to recreate every single checkpoint every time we do this, as it means we have to go through each one and recreate it. We have hundreds of server to deploy the SQL Server probe to so what is the best way of pre-configuring a package to deploy our configs?