Is there any experience with monitoring MS Dynanics AX services on layer 7

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Feb 28, 2010
Hi, We looking for a way to monitor MS Dynamics AX services on layer 7.(Private-Cloud as well as Public-Cloud)

It should monitor/show QoS and SLA reports based on layer-7 scripts that are able to open forms/documents and process these in Dynamic AX (I am not familiar with MS Dynamics AX, and rather new to Nimsoft - and I can not assess in this stage if Nimosft -ie. E2E probe- is a potential solutions for this potential customer or if there are better ways/probes to offer to them)

Have searched these forums, but did not find a clear answer or ready-made probe for this. So has anyone have any suggestion for using Nimosft in relation to MS Dynamics AX. Any suggestion is welcome.

Ashley Pietersen