enable ntperf profile from trigger inquiry

Discussion created by rgivens on Jan 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2010 by keith_k
Is it possible to enable an ntperf profile on a remote machine through a command or a script that is run from an auto-operator profile on the nas based on a trigger that has been setup?

We have SQL database mirroring setup between two SQL machines.  One is heavly used and we have some ntperf profiles setup for QoS and alarms.  The other isn't the actively used SQL server so those performance counters don't have the same values.  What I would like to do is setup a trigger on the nas for database mirroring failover and have an auto-operator setup to use that trigger to run a command or script to enable the ntperf profle on the SQL server that database mirroring has failed over to.

Is this possible and if so could somebody give me an example?