How do you monitor Sureswitch firewalls in an active/passive pair?

Discussion created by on Jan 9, 2010
Hi folks,

I originally posted this question in the Development forum and had no replies, so I thought I would try the General forum as I am getting pressure to sort this out.

We have a Customer running Sureswitch firewalls in an active/passive pair. I have created an entry in net_connect for the clustered IP address, so we will be alerted if there is a total failure. I have also created an entry for the active firewall. My problem is how to monitor the passive firewall.

I raised a case for this and Nimsoft R&D have suggested writing a script that is triggered by a NAS auto-operator to activate monitoring of the passive firewall when the active firewall ping fails. Has anybody already written a script that will do this, as my scripting knowledge is very basic and I have no test environment with Sureswitch firewalls to test out the theory.