how to use regexp in url_response to id keywords in several lines

Discussion created by hthai on Jan 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2010 by hthai
in my html page, I have four lines e.g.

Test 1: this is a test
Test 2: that is another test
Test 3: Some more testing
Final Test: Yet another test string here

The text in each line is dynamically generated via different connections to different databases, so it's important for me to capture all text in those for lines.  In my url_response, I'm trying to regexp like *Test 1: this is a test*|*Test 2: that is another test*|*Test 3: Some more testing*|*Final Test: Yet another test string here* but Test URL came back negative.  It's not able to recognize my regexp.  Any suggestion is appreciate.