Any way to force a time probe to run immediately?

Discussion created by keith_k on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2009 by keith_k
I have a custom probe that kicks off every day at 2:00 AM to record a bunch of data about the server and send it to a central repository in a PDS.  The timespec from controller.cfg is:
timespec = at 02:00
When I update the probe, I would love to be able to force a few robots to kick it off immediately so that I can check the results before updating it on all hosts.  Is there any way I can do that?  The probe_start callback seemed the most promising, but I think that one only works with on-demand probes.  (I tested it anyway and did not get the custom probe to start.)

I can work around this with the nexec probe, but then I need to add another script to change to the probe directory first to avoid having the log from the custom probe appear the the nexec directory.

Any other ideas?