capturing XML data from external website (BOMGAR BOX)

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Dec 7, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2009 by a.pietersen

We like to get xml data from our BOMGAR remote supportbox. We like ie to present the nummber of logged-in-reps and the number of active sessions in a dashboard. The xml data is available by calling an api: (http://private.suppio.nl/api/command.ns?...)
This returns xml data in een webpage. We have tried the E2E probe to get this xml data into our Nimsoft environment for further use and presentation in a public dashboard. Until now I did not succeed. And unfortunatley I am not a programmer.

Question 1: Is the goal what I like to achieve possible with the E2E probe or should I use an other way?

Question 2: are there somewhere more example scripts for the E2E probe? I could not find them