Multiple alarm actions - NAS

Discussion created by tom.beeckman on Nov 12, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2009 by keith_k

I am struggling a bit with the following setup.
e.g. cdm monitoring:
if diskspace free < 10%: Yellow warning
if disksapce free < 5%: Red alert

Now, what we want to achieve is that we are notified by e-mail for all alerts and alerted by sms/command for critical/red alerts.
I have something similar setup with the snmpd probe (if yellow = mail, if red: sms)

Alert1 = Yellow = send e-mail ALERT
Alert2 = Green  = send e-mail OK
Alert3 = Yellow = send e-mail ALERT
Alert4 = Red    = send e-mail + sms ALERT
Alert5 = Green  = send e-mail + sms OK

I was trying to create 2 profiles to handle this:
AO1: seeking for green, yellow => action = e-mail
AO2: seeking for red, orange => action = sms/command

Now, i am running into trouble when I have the following condition:

Alarm1: yellow -> mail is sent
Alarm2: green -> mail is sent + sms (this is not intended!)

Does anyone has an idea how to achieve this? What are the best-practices around this kind of alerting...