Last interface stace CISCO switch

Discussion created by egeer on Nov 6, 2009
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Hi Folks,

This is my first post here at the NimSoft forum.  I've got some CISCO 3750 stacks that I want to run a report on for last up time on interfaces.  I would like to get a simple text layout like this:

Interface Name       Last Up Time
Gi1/0/1                     10/25/09 11:59am

There will be over 100 interfaces, so a graph format will not really work.  What I'm actually trying to accomplish is to find all ports that have been inactive for a period of time so that I can re-purpose those ports.  I've added the switches and interface in the interface_traffic probe, and is working well.  Ideally, I'd like to report on this without getting alerts of down interfaces as these are user access ports, and will change states frequently.

Thanks in advance for your help.