SDP showing old dashboard lists

Discussion created by mrixon on Oct 21, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2011 by DaveRick

We have deployed SDP and are experiencing some content anomalies. We have a DMZ based server running apache forwarding to SDP server on the management LAN.  The SDP server is running on an independent robot.  We use access control lists and accounts to control dashboard and report content based on user credentials.  All of that works nicely.

On multiple occasions (4-5) users log in and are presented with a list of dashboards that are old. As example, we started with 5 dashboards and add three and delete one. The user only sees the original 5. If you republish one dashboard the next refresh cycle displays the correct list of seven dashboards. Logout and log in and you are back to the old list of 5. The solution is to shut down SDP controller, delete the WORK folder under the SDP probe, and restart the controller. This is not acceptable in a production environment serving many customers.

Is there a procedure that should be followed when you are publishing a new dashboard that requires and existing dashboard to be deleted? In other words, if a customer is viewing the dashboard that you delete does that result in the condition described above? Should you lock out all user access before publishing new dashboards and deleting old dashboards?

Is anyone else having this problem?