Restarting data_engine probe

Discussion created by rflud on Sep 11, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2009 by keith_k
Every now and then the data_engine probe has trouble writing info to my SQL server.  It still writes the data but it slows down so much that the queue for the data_engine starts to fill up and I get an alarm  -

The queue 'data_engine' is 349 MB. Check the hub configuration.

The size contiues to increase until I restart the data_engine probe.  I'd like to have an auto operator watch for this alarm and issue the pu command to restart the probe.  I have the syntax to deactivate and reactivate the probe but I see a -R option that is for restarting a probe.  I can't seem to figure out the syntax to use it.  Any ideas?

Also, is there a better way to do this?  Is there a way to just set a weekly restart of the probe that way I don't have to wait for it to slow down and generate the alarm?