maintenance routines that run at 00:40 every day inquiry

Discussion created by rgivens on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by keith_k
I'm curious to what occurs during the daily data management routines that are run by the data_engine every day at 00:40:00 by default.  We have version 7.02 of the data_engine probe.  We are starting to have an issue with the data_engine queue getting fairly large every morning because of the data maintenance routines.  The main complaint is that some business customers are trying to access reports when they come in at 8AM and the reports are not accurate because there is still 800MB's of data in the data_engine queue.  Until the data in the queue has been written to the database the reports don't show up accurately.  It's definitely an issue now as everyday the data_engine queue is backed up till around 7AM to 9AM.  The maintenane routines apparently are taking up to 7 hours to complete?