Version 3.6 to 4.0 upgrde problems

Discussion created by rruggiero on Jul 15, 2009
Hi Everyone,

I figured I would pass these tips on as I have found a couple of issues with upgrading from Nimbus 3.6 to 4.0.

1.  Data_engine security setting was reset to use "integrated security".  We have this set to sql authentication since when we installed 3.6 this was the recommended way to do it.  This also breaks SLM and NIS.
2.  Web portal dynamic views would not work.  In order to correct this we had to delete all the files under: \Program Files (x86)\NimBUS\probes\service\wasp and then restart the wasp probe.
3.  Importing dashboards doesn't work.  If you try to import dashboards that were created from 3.6 the will not import into 4.0 due to how they are made.  Support is still looking in to this problem.
4.  All of the help files do not properly update to the current rev.  Still waiting on an answer for this as well.

Hope this helps anyone that has issues.