snmptd inquiry

Discussion created by rgivens on Jul 17, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2010 by florian.prillwitz
I've always been curious about how the configuration of the snmptd probe works.  What specifically is the point of loading the MIB's in through the MIB Setup Wizard?  I load the MIB's in every time for a device / application sending traps to the smptd probe and I would figure that the point of loading them in is so the snmptd probe would be able to automatically recognize the traps.  It doesn't though.  I still have to go into trap monitor for every trap that I want to generate an alarm on and right click the trap, because it is not recognized, and create a trap profile. 

For instance I'm sending traps from vCenter 4 and vCenter is configured according to the directions in the vSphere Basic System Administration guide.  I've downloaded the appropriate MIB's from the vmware website and loaded them in the MIB Setup Wizard.  I go into trap monitor and I see traps coming into the probe from the vCenter server but they are all unrecognized and I have to manually setup a profile for the trap.  To me that just doesn't seem right.  I've configured vCenter to send specific traps so I would assume that I shouldn't have to go in and configure all the traps profiles on the snmptd probe manually, especially since I've added the MIB's in.

Am I doing something wrong or is this the way the probe works because I have to manually create every profile and it sucks.