What's The Correct Way To Forward Alarms From On Domain To Another

Discussion created by JeffRosenzweig62353713 on May 21, 2009
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--update: I meant the thread name to be "What's The Correct Way To Forward Alarms From One Domain To Another"

We're currently forwarding alarms from several slave hubs in different domains to a single master hub, so that the alarm console can view all alarms by logging in to the single master hub. When doing this, alarms on the console seem to have their status' change from assigned to unassigned and back to assigned. Other erratic behaviors like this happen too.

 Is creating queues on the slave hubs that post the messages alarm_new,alarm_update,alarm_close to
 the master hub and then having the master hub post alarm_close and alarm_assign back to the slave hubs
 the recommended way to accomplish what we're doing?