Multibyte OS Error

Discussion created by keisuke_ugai on May 11, 2009


We encountered an error when we tried to create Dashboard Browser in Web Publish for the first time.  The error dialog says 'The dashboard format cannot be run in a multibyte OS environment'. (Please see the attached for the screen image)

Update at 5/12/2009:
We already have checked the option "Use multibyte OS format" in the Enterprise Console (Tools -> Advanced settings) and still getting the same issue (that is, unable to publish our local dashboard).  We see no problems when using local dashboard in our NimBUS server.

Are there any workaround for this issue?  Or do we have to give up using this function in Japanese Environment?  Any helps will be appreciated. 

Our environment:
  OS: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (Japanese)
  Version: Service Pack 2 Build 3790
  Release: 5.20
  NimBUS: 3.60

 Thanks in advance.