Components needed for monitoring flash-based applications

Discussion created by keisuke_ugai on Apr 28, 2009
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We, Amway Japan, are now looking into NimBUS suite to find out whether we could replace our current monitoring products (e.g. HP SiteScope, HP BAC, BMC Patrol, etc.) with NimBUS.  Server monitoring with NimBUS turns out to be GREAT, and we're looking forward to introducing NimBUS into our environment.

But the problem is, we are not still sure whether we could achieve monitoring our 'full-flash web-based e-Commerce applications' with NimBUS.  What we want to do is to let NimBUS simulate users' actions (move mouse cursor, click, read strings on screen, and etc.) and to determine whether our applications are working properly or not (if not, we have to receive alerts through e-mail).  We are now realizing all these monitorings with HP QTP + BAC.  If NimBUS covers all these functions, we are going to replace HP products with NimBUS. If not, we have to give up using NimBUS for our application monitoring.

Would somebody kindly tell me if we could realize all these monitorings with NimBUS, and which components (probes) we should pick up to do them?  The probe named 'ica_response' seems very likely to be the one which could handle these monitorings, but not very sure as we are completely unfamiliar with Citrix products.  Is this the one we should look into in more depth?

For those who wants to see what kind of application I'm mentioning about, please access the URL below:

Please click 'Shop in English' link on the top of the window, and you can see our flash-based application, which we want to monitor and control using NimBUS.

Thanks in advance.